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Pitch Talk 3.0 adds Client SDK, DIS Gateway and more

Pitch is proud to announce Pitch Talk version 3.0. Building on the success of Pitch Talk 2, currently in use in major international projects, many new features are added: Develop customized clients using the new Client SDK for C++ and Java Interoperate with third party DIS radios using the new RPR/DIS Gateway Define radio channels with both free and preset frequencies Add configurable noise levels to communication channels Improved security in the web-based administration Select your own hotkeys for additional features  ... Read more

Paris Space Week 2018 – Make your Space Simulations Work Together

Do you build simulations for satellites, launchers, ground systems, life in space or space exploration? Then don't miss this opportunity to talk to us about how to enhance design and engineering, analysis, test, training and concept development using distributed simulation. Make the simulations, developed by different teams or organizations, work together using open standards. We will showcase the new SISO Space Reference FOM, a standard developed in a collaboration between NASA, ESA projects, industry and academia. It builds on the proven IEEE ... Read more

New papers on Tactical Data Link Simulation, Space FOM and HLA 4

Our recent papers from the January 2018 SISO workshop are now available on our Papers page. The paper "Improving Tactical Data Link Simulation Standards To Better Support LVC Exercises" discusses how current standards should be updated to better support the simulation requirements of flight simulation sites and improve interoperability with other simulation sites while maintaining interoperability with real Tactical Data Link networks. The paper "Design and Principles Enabling the Space Reference FOM" presents the key features and design patterns of the ... Read more

Virtual Air Mobility Operations Training via HLA

At the conference and exhibition on "Training and Training Resources for Air Mobility Operations" hosted by the German Army in Celle, Germany, Telespazio VEGA Deutschland successfully demonstrated the interoperability of their existing Cockpit Procedure Trainer (CPT) for the CH-53GA helicopter of the German Air Force with Virtual Battlespace (VBS3). By using Pitch Technologies pRTI and Developer Studio C++ to implement an HLA interface for the CPT, the simulator communicates with VBS3 Gateway according to SISO RPR 2.O FOM. Using that technology German ... Read more

SimDef 2017 : HLA for dynamic vehicle testing

During the SimDef 2017 Conference, hosted by ENSTA (Paris), the French “Direction Générale de l’Armement” (DGA), Thales and Pitch Technologies will jointly present "Use of simulation tools for dynamic tests with vehicles". For more information, see:   Read more

Pitch’s advanced HLA/DIS Gateway

Pitch is proud to announce Pitch DIS Adapter version 3.0 with support for  advanced filtering and inspection features, this makes it the leading COTS HLA/DIS gateway on the market. Additional features include support for floating licenses, a popular licensing solution for our Enterprise level customers. All of Pitch products with DIS capabilities support RPR2 FOM defined data for DIS versions 4 through 7. Read more

Pitch Media Streamer

Pitch's Media Streamer carries audio, images and video over an HLA network. Pitch's HLA Run Time Infrastructure, pRTI, has the speed and power to transport large volumes of high bandwidth data in real time without loss. In combination with Pitch's Booster, this capability works in real time over wide area networks (WANs) without geographic limitations. All info on the HLA network, including the live video, can be recorded by Pitch's Recorder for analysis and review later. Read more

Pitch Talk: HLA has a voice!

Pitch Talk is the world's first complete solution for training communications. Pitch Talk provides voice, chat, and simulated intercom and radio with centrally managed and dynamic channels. Uniquely suited for distributed simulations, an administrator working alone can centrally configure, validate, and test all instances. Pitch Talk is natively HLA and thus intrinsically more scalable and extensible than DIS radios, and can capitalise on advanced HLA features like DDM. Pitch Talk is compatible with legacy RPR/DIS radios, and also operates efficiently over WANs ... Read more

Evolving Standards

Pitch is leading the development of HLA 4. New capabilities will include service-oriented structure for cloud computing, and enhancements in scalability and extensibility. HLA 4 will take simulation in many domains to new levels.   All over the world, RPR FOM 2 is the most used Federation Object Model for defense and security. Building upon the success of RPR FOM 2, Pitch leads the development of the next version, RPR FOM 3, that will take a new, modernized approach to interoperability and add ... Read more

Vulcain 2016

Vulcain 2016 was a French Army distributed combined arms training exercise involving geographically separated sites. A dozen different simulation systems and trainers were linked together, including FAC trainers, helicopter simulators, constructive simulations, and small arms and light weapons trainers. Pitch's pRTI managed Vulcain's HLA Evolved networks, and Pitch Boosters provided WAN connectivity that integrated local and remote simulators into unified Federations. Pitch Recorder captured exercise activity for After Action Review and analysis. Pitch Talk provided voice and text chat communications to all ... Read more
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