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Pitch offers a complete range of HLA training targeted at general management, technical executives, project managers, developers and system integrators. Our trainers are all highly qualified and work most of their time developing HLA tools such as pRTI and Visual OMT as well as implementing HLA in real life applications for our industrial customers. We have been working with HLA since 1995 and delivered HLA training since 1998.

HLA Hands-On

This is our core course for new HLA developers. It provides an introduction to HLA and then focuses on object modelling and practical HLA development. A lot of time is spent on building and extending an HLA application as well as executing it over a network. The course is available as in-house or open (scheduled) training. Read more

HLA Products Training

The HLA Products course will give the participants practical experience working with the most popular HLA tools on the market. Participants will quickly build an HLA application using code generation, learn how to record, analyze and play back simulation data and also setting up and managing a distributed simulation network. Read more

HLA Experience

This course is a mix between our HLA Tools course and HLA Hands-On. It is intended for people that want to understand the basics of HLA and get practical experience working with our tool set. It begins the same as HLA Hands-On but cuts the advanced HLA topics such as Time management to instead work with HLA tools for data logging, code generation and managing distributed simulation networks. Read more

How to Attend

Open Training

We host Open Training sessions several times over year at some of our office premieres in Sweden, France and UK.

On-site Training

If you have several people who need training we recommend our On-Site training. By this option, our HLA experts will come to you.

More Options

We offer tailored training too meet any customer’s need. You may for example combine HLA Hands-on training with a workshop focusing on your topic of choice.

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